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Art Promotion

Welcome to our Art Promotion Section of our web-site. Here we promote Artworks created by Alan Downey – Quadriplegic. Our Art Promotion consists of 3 categories: Original Paintings; Art Prints & Art Promotional Products.

  •  Original Paintings – This is the sale of original artworks by Alan Downey – Quadriplegic. Unfortunately we only have a select few original paintings still available for sale. Visit this page to view the artworks, specs & prices that we are selling them for. You can contact Alan Downey if you are interested in purchasing any of these artworks. Contact details are provided at the bottom of the page.
  • Art Prints – This is the sale of prints made from the artworks created by Alan Downey. There is a wide range of prints to choose from, these also vary in size & type. We not only sell prints done on different types of paper, but also canvas. You can visit this page to view the catalogue of prints available, & to find out what options we can offer with regards to the materials that the artworks are printed on.
  • Art Promotional Products – This is the design & sale of products like bookmarks, key-rings, calendars & greeting cards, using Alan Downey`s artworks in the design.
 Visit the Art Promotional Products page, to find out more about the different products on offer. You can also see the different catalogues of the individual products, to see what themes are available.

If you would like to learn more about the artist whose artworks are being promoted, you can, by visiting the page: About the artist or visit the Art Portfolio page to have an in depth look at the different artworks & products for sale.