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Art Prints

The 2nd part of our Art Promotion is the sales of the prints of artworks by Alan Downey. We have a wide variety of prints of original artworks which have already been sold.

We sell Prints of all paintings by Alan Downey whether the originals have been sold or not. We have a variety of different types of prints, ranging from the more expensive canvas prints, which you can block mount or they can be mounted on a board & then framed, to our cheaper prints done on gloss or matt card. These can be matt or gloss laminated afterwards. Our prints vary in size depending on the size of the original (no bigger), but smaller prints can be ordered.

We do not list prices of prints due to the fluctuating prices, but if you are interested in any, please send us an e-mail of what you interested & we will send you a quote. Below is a catalogue of prints available.

African Lion Cub Tree Leopard Leopard in Tree Leopard Head Malakite Kingfisher Horse
No. 1 Print
No. 2 Print
No. 3 Print
No. 4 Print
No. 5 Print No. 6 Print
Eagle in Flight Birds Male Lion in African Sunsret Bushbuck in African Sunset Babe Mother Bear
No. 7 Print
No. 8 Print
No. 9 Print No. 10 Print No. 11 Print No. 12 Print
Brother Bear Father Bear Baby Bear Cat Head Horse in Stable Cheetahs on African Plains
No. 13 Print
No. 14 Print No. 15 Print No. 16 Print No. 17 Print No. 18 Print
Dolphins in front of Table Mountain Sunset in Spain African Elephant Big 5
No. 19 Print
No. 20 Print No. 21 Print No. 22 Print
Domestic Cat Walt Disney    
No. 23 Print No. 24 Print