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Stationary Design

We at Cyber Graphics believe that a companies corporate identity is of the utmost importance when it comes to marketing that company. For this reason we offer a one-stop-shop whereby a company can get all there business stationary & advertising needs from the same place. Therefore not only saving time, money, but also making sure that the corporate identity stays standard throughout. We custom design stationery to best captivate what the company is all about. Therefore making sure that your business cards, letterheads & e-mail headers are all sending the same message.

Business Card Design

To us a business card is not just a piece of paper with your logo and contact details on. A business card is a representation of your professionalism, as well as a compact description of what your company has to offer. If it looks tacky it obviously doesn’t reflect well on you. We design & print business cards that are both hardy & beautiful that any potential clients won’t want to throw away.
All our business cards that we offer are either gloss or matt laminated, giving them a great feel as well as keeping them from getting tacky.


In these times of being aware of the environment many companies prefer not to have printed letterheads, but for some that still require them we are happy to oblige.


Email Stationery Design

For the majority of you that have moved with the times & are doing correspondence via email, we can provide full email stationery or simply a tasteful email signature.