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Adverts & Menus

Over the years a number of our clients have been restaurant owners & firms like Coca Cola, who advertise for different restaurants, who sell there product. Posters Menus & Adverts are great ways in which these restaurant owners attract customer & at the same time inform them what they have to offer.

In today`s competitive world of business, every business needs as much of an edge as they can get & a well designed & printed Poster, Menu or Advert can give them that very edge that they need. We do not print any of the products on this page in-house, but we will design them in the repro-ready files to take to a printer of your choice or if you prefer we will organize the printing & laminating to be done for you with one of our reliable associated companies.

Poster Design

Posters can be a great way to advertise & inform your potential customer. We design beautiful, eye-catching posters for use in restaurants, shop windows, on street-pole ads, bathroom stall ads, or even for your own office. Size, colour, good quality images & the right size & type of font can all add to the design of the poster & the cost to print. Prior to us designing your poster, it is important to know how many posters you will require, what you were looking at spending on the printing & whether the poster will be used inside or outside. Full colour posters are more expensive & posters that will be displayed outdoors are printed differently to withstand the weather.  Laminating a poster will ad to the cost of the poster, but can add months or even years onto the life span of a poster.

When inquiring about a quote please try to cover all the points listed above. This will not only help us quote you accurately for the designing & printing, but will also help with the design process.


Menu Design

Over the years we have had our fair share of clients wanting menus designed & printed. We have found that even in today’s advancements in technology,  their is no substitute for a good old fashioned printed menu. We are able to design menus from scratch, reproduce previously designed menus or even do regular price changes & updates on menus that we have previously designed. There are a variety of different layouts to consider when designing a menu from scratch, some layouts suite certain types of restaurants. Whatever the layout you choose could however effect the printing costs.
If you are not sure on a layout please inquire about the different options & prices. Most menus are also laminated, so remember to specify whether you prefer gloss or matt laminating. This will also effect the price.

Advert Design

Whether you need an advert designed to have printed in a magazine, or you want something to put up on a bulletin board, it is important that it looks professional. First impressions count & if your advertising looks unprofessional your clients may think your service is. At the end of the day, if you going to spend money on advertising get a professional to do it & send the right message. We design adverts of all sizes & types, send us an e-mail of what you would like & we will send you a quote.