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Our Long Bookmarks are 45 by 195mm in length. They are Quality printedbookmarks1 on 200g card, then gloss laminated for a photographic quality finish that is both durable & sturdy.
These Long Bookmarks can be ordered from our collection below or alternatively if you wish, they  can be designed & printed with your corporate identity on the front.
They are ideal as corporate gifts to promote your business.

If you wish to go this route, you will need to order a minimum quantity, to avoid paying a set-up fee.

Please see our Price List & Terms and Conditions for an estimate, or preferably contact us for a free quote.

Click on any of the catalogue of images below to better view what the Bookmark will look like

No. 1. African Lion Cub No. 2. Tree Leopard No. 3. Leopard in Tee No. 4. Leopard Head No. 5. Malakite Kingfisher No. 6. Horse
No.1 LB No.2 LB
No.3 LB
No.4 LB
No.5 LB
No.6 LB
No. 7. Eagle in Flight No. 8. Birds No. 9. Male Lion in African Sunset No. 10. Bushbuck No. 11. Babe No. 12. Mother Bear
No. 7 LB No. 8 LB
No. 9 LB
No. 10 LB
No. 11 LB
No. 12 LB
Brother Bear Father Bear Baby Bear Cat: Head & Shoulders Horse in Stable Cheetahs on African Plains
No. 13 LB
No. 14 LB
No. 15 LB
No. 16 LB
No. 17 LB
No. 18 LB
No. 21. Dolphins in front of Table Mountain No. 20. Sunset in Spain No. 23. African Elephant No. 22. Big 5 No. 19. Domestic Cat No. 24 Walt Disney
No. 19 LB No. 20 LB No. 21 LB No. 22 LB No. 23 LB No. 24 LB