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 Terms & Conditions for “2016 Web Site Special”

On acceptance of our “2016 Web Site Special”, the client acknowledges that they have read the below Terms & Conditions, understand them & accept them.

1. Web Sites
2. Domain Registration
3. Web site maintenance
4. The Following is not included in the special

While every effort is made to ensure that the information provided on this website is current and accurate, you should not assume that this is always the case, and should consult other sources before making any decision to act on this information. This includes the Price List.

1. Web Sites: On acceptance of our “2016 Web Site Special”, we require the following:

  1. R1000.00 must be paid on acceptance of our “2016 Web Site Special.”
  2. The R500.00 a month for hosting & updates, must be paid on the 1st of every month.
  3. We require you to sign a minimum of a 1 year contract. This can be renewed at the end of every year, for the next year.
  4. If you do not wish to renew the contract at the end of the year, for the Hosting, Domain Name & Maintenance, we require 2 months written notification.
  5. On completion of the job we may require a testimonial.
  6. On completion of the job you give us permission to place a link in the footer to our web site.
  7. We may put a sample of the work we did for you on our site, with a link to your site.
  8. The time that it takes to complete the web site can be effected by a delay in the supply of information or continuous changes in the text & images.
  9. An additional fee of R240.00 an hour or R4.00 a minute may be charged if:
    • We are asked to change the design once the original design is signed off.
    • You require us to supply or search for photographs.
    • Any photographs require touching up.
    • Any photographs require cutting out.
    • Information on the website is changed once already published.
    • Information is not supplied in Microsoft Word or Notepad.
    • We use plugins to give the web sites certain features. Most are free, but some need to be bought. If we need to buy them, this is not included in the Special, you will have to pay for the plugin.

2. Domain Registration: 

  1. There is a variety of different types of Domain Names, these vary in price & some are substantially more expensive than others. For this reason not all Domains available, will be covered by this “Special.”
  2. If you still wish to register one of the Domain Names, you can, but we will charge for the extra cost.
  3. On acceptance of our “2016 Web Site Special,” we require the following:
  1. Confirmation of Your Domain name.
  2. Clients details to register domain.

Name and Surname:
Tel Number:
Email Address:

3. Web site maintenance: On completion of the web site:

    1. Any updates need to be emailed to us in the correct format.


4. The Following is not included in the special:

  1. E-Commerce Web Sites (Shopping Cart.)
  2. We do not register .mobi domains. We do however make our sites mobile friendly.